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PIP UTTON THEATRE CO “Utton sets an impeccably high standard for both writers and actors everywhere.” - In Culture


“when your dreams turn to dust - vacuum”  -  Desmond Tutu

I came into this mad business rather late in life(45yrs old) and although I had no training I was positive that it would only be a matter of time before my genius was discovered. After a while I realised that it might be a matter of rather a long time.

Some years ago a friend (Jeremy Towler) and I decided we would write a play and take the Edinburgh Fringe by storm.  But the Fringe was not ready for us that year, nor the next unfortunately and so we held on to our day jobs (temporarily you understand). And then I had a hit playing Tony Hancock in  ‘Hancock’s Last Half Hour.’ With my five star reviews lighting to way to fame and fortune I gave up my day job and waited for the phone to ring. I waited patiently for the next eighteen months for the phone to ring.

Pip Utton Theatre Co is the outcome of deciding that I had been patient enough. If no one else was going to discover me I should do it myself.  

Favourite piece of advice

In 1997 I wrote “Adolf”, a short 35 min piece that premiered at Southside laboratory and was an instant sell out smash hit (capacity was only 24 I admit, but a full house is a full house.) The proceeding years saw the play transform into 1hr 20min long and become one of the most world wide successful one man shows of recent years. Adolf  launched me on to the touring circuit, produced and re-directed by Guy Masterson. I toured under his banner until Guy and I decided I was old enough to go out by myself, I took a leaf out of his book and put my name at the top of the poster. It was going to be Pip Utton Productions but PUP is not an acronym foretelling fame and fortune."
Calling the company after myself, and being credited as the writer and as the performer ensured that my name was prominent on posters and flyers and now on this site! Things might change. In the future there may be plays written by other writers and performed by other actors but my name will still be at the top – I’ll make sure of that.
I now try to produce a new piece each year. Some remain in the repertoire for several years and others are laid to rest sooner.
Currently there are eight shows in the repertoire, Adolf, Bacon, Chaplin, Dickens, Hunchback of Notre Dame , A Christmas Carol, Churchill, and my new show , Casanova which premiered earlier this year at the Stadschouwbourg Groningen, The Netherlands, and features wonderful contemporary dancing by Marguerite Chaigne as ‘woman’ and will make its Edinburgh premiere at The Assembly Rooms, George St in 2015.
‘The Last Musketeer’ premiered in 2013 as did ‘Requiem for Salieri’ which won the Aundience Award at the International Pushkin Festival in Pskov,RussiaI.  I am  still working on ‘I’m glad I’m not young anymore’ and a new show with the working title ‘Playing Maggie’.Yes, me as Maggie Thatcher!!!!