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PIP UTTON THEATRE CO “Utton sets an impeccably high standard for both writers and actors everywhere.” - In Culture
The 20th Century’s most notorious tyrant is daringly and divisively brought to the stage in one of the most successful and powerful solo works ever presented.

Looking uncomfortably like the Fuhrer, Utton stands before a huge Nazi banner addressing his party faithful. He furnishes his audience with an acute anatomy of fascism; its ideological justifications; its poisoned utopias. They are in the presence of an utterly compelling idealist, and are helplessly drawn in to his warped logic. Hitler's final performance seems over as he settles into pre-suicidal contemplation.  

We know the rest... But Utton has reserved a sting for his tale... A sting so powerful that it pushes the audience into looking within themselves to question their own prejudice and intolerance.
Utton doesn't stop in the bunker.He plumbs the very source of racism and exposes just how near the surface of our own lives lurks its insidious influence.

What made Adolf Hitler so compulsive? How could any cultured person follow him to destruction, desolation and genocide to leave a long deep scar on the 20th century?How do the extremist parties of today command such huge followings all over the world?

Pip Utton's amazing play takes his audience on a journey into themselves, gently coaxing an understanding of the mindset of a nation that could allow a man such as Hitler to take control…

This is live theatre at its best with a theme and subject that touches us all. It is powerful, dramatic, challenging, divisive, illustrative and educational. It is utterly provocative and totally necessary. Everyone should experience it.
Written and performed by Pip Utton

Directed by Guy Masterson

Length of show 85 min (no interval)

Some strong language


~~~SOLD OUT 2012~~~